French manufacturer and exclusive distributor of accessibility and mobility equipment in France since 2010, AXSOL offers a selection of its products for the European market*:

Let's discover our innovating range of products :

The Freedom Trax motorised wheelchair. Freedom Trax is the only motorized platform that allows people with limited mobility to turn a manual wheelchair into an all-terrain vehicle and move independently on sand, snow, gravel or mud.

  • Adapted to most wheelchairs
  • Exists with integrated wheelchair
  • Works on snow, beach, forest
Freedom Trax form AXSOL Europe

The Jet Marine fibreglass ramps. Developed in 1985 in the United Kingdom, we are now manufacturing in France, close to Paris. These ramps allow person with reduced mobility to:

  • Pass a dorway
  • Load wheelchairs or scooters into a car trunk
  • Pass one step or more
Photo Jetmarine ramps AXSOL Europe

The Kneescoot knee walker range allows you to regain complete freedom of movement during your recovery. Two versions are available:

  • The Kneescoot All Terrain, great for heavy duty use and rougher terrain.
  • The De Luxe Kneescoot, ideal for indoors and where there’s smoother terrain
Photo Kneescoot knee walker -AXSOL Europe
Logo manufacturer chair - portable shower chair and commode chair

* Seatara’s portable shower chairs allow to users a securely access to showers & toilets with autonomy.

Two versions are available:

BathMobile chairs, great for daily use, there are highly versatile and ajustable (available with 4 caster wheels or self propeling wheels 24’’)

WheelAble chair, ideal for use in regular toilets and bathroom and it also facilitates the freedom of movement and ability to travel abroad.

WheelAble chair - portable shower chair and commode chair
Logo SitNStand portable lift chair

* The portable lift chairs improve your quality of life by helping users to stand/sit down independently and safely.

Two versions are available : Portable Lift Chair for Elderly and Patent Pending Lift Chair for Wheelchair Users.

*Check with Axsol export team the distribution availability according to countries.

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